About 48 Pieces

Relax and enjoy 48 Pieces, the most authentic and elegant jigsaw puzzle game available on the App Store!

Playing 48 Pieces is easy: Simply pull pieces onto the table, rotate and move them until you see where they should go. Drop them into the right spot and you'll hear a satisfying "click" as they snap into place.

Create an unlimited number of puzzles using your own photos or download from a large selection of player-shared puzzles (up to 5, or unlimited with a Membership). Everything from beautiful landscapes to amazing animal portraits ensure that there is always a puzzle for your every mood.

Download 48 Pieces and solve your first jigsaw puzzle today!

About Tapestry

48 Pieces was designed and developed by Jeff Campbell, an independent iOS software developer based in Burbank, California.

Jeff has completed over 900 puzzles in 48 Pieces thus far.


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48 Pieces

Jigsaw puzzle game
for iPhone and iPad