48 Pieces

Jigsaw puzzle game
for iPhone and iPad

Unlimited Puzzles

Choose from thousands of puzzles to play as much as you want - for free!

Create and Share

Create and play amazing puzzles using your own photos. You can even share them with other players.


Compete to see who can finish a puzzle the fastest, with the fewest number of moves, or by attaining the highest score.

iPhone and iPad

Play puzzles on-the-go with your iPhone, or while relaxing with an iPad in hand.

Puzzle of the Day

Enjoy a wonderful new puzzle each and every day.

Exquisitely Detailed

Crafted to be the most delightfully realistic jigsaw puzzle game ever.


Challenge other 48 Pieces players - including friends - to complete puzzles in the shortest time possible, or to attain the highest score.

108 Piece Puzzles

Are 48 pieces not enough? You can also play a 108 piece version of any puzzle. That's over twice as large!

Multiple Difficulty Levels

Three difficulty levels make 48 Pieces perfect for casual players and experts alike. Want a real challenge? Try playing with square pieces!


48 Pieces

Jigsaw puzzle game
for iPhone and iPad