48 Pieces users are provided with the option to share puzzle images with other players. The terms of use governing sharing functionality — agreed to by users as a condition of their use of the feature — can be found in the 48 Pieces Sharing Policy.

In its role of allowing players to share puzzle images with other players via the Internet, 48 Pieces functions as an online service provider as defined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Copyright Complaints

If you believe that a puzzle image is being shared in violation of your copyright, please send a formal DMCA Takedown Notification to the following email address:

To identify the puzzle in question, please provide us with its name as well as the name of the person who shared it. This info is displayed both in the 48 Pieces app and on the web site.

If you found the puzzle on this web site, please also provide a link to the page where the puzzle was found.

Upon receipt of a valid DMCA Takedown Notification we will act expeditiously to remove the content in question.

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